Legends of the Eastern Vikings Part 1

What did Eastern Europe look like when the Rus first arrived? Website editor and writer Valur Gunnarsson speaks with Dr. Þórir Jónsson Hraundal of the University of Iceland about Byzantines, Arabs, Khazars, Volga Bulghars and others who vied for control of the lands of the Eastern Slavs. (In English)

Legends of the Eastern Vikings Part 2

Who were the Rus? Host Valur Gunnarsson speaks with Dr. Sverrir Jakobsson, one of the worlds’ leading authorities, about all things Rus. Where did they come from, and how did they impact the Middle Ages as well as the world we know today? (In English)

Blanda, Episode 11

The official podcast of the Icelandic Historians Association. In episode 11, professor Sverrir Jakobsson speaks about the Varangians, where the name comes from and their origins from the old Rus, right up until they more or less disappear from history. (Icelandic only)

Flimtan og fáryrði episode 24 

Singer Gunnlaugur Bjarnason and professor Ármann Jakobsson (Sverrir’s twin brother) discuss Varangians with our own Sverrir Jakobsson. Intended for young people, we get an introduction to what the Varangians where and where there name comes form. Star Wars also makes a surprise appearance. (Icelandic only)